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Kit d'embrayage compétition SACHS RCS 4/140 - 1931Nm

Numéro d'article: RCS4_140-H-S2.6-X-XX

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SACHS RCS 4/140 Cera-métallique
Couple moteur max. transférable: 1931 Nm

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SACHS RCS Racing Clutch Systems

SACHS RCS 4/140 Clutch Kit
4-Disc Sinter 2.6, 1931 Nm.

Sinter, due to its very light driven plates, is often used in applications such as circuit/track racing, formula series vehicles, and touring vehicles.

Application examples
  • Circuit racing
  • Formula
  • Touring cars
  • Rally

  • Light
  • Small clutch height
  • Low mass and inertia

Less Mass.

The SACHS RCS clutches have been designed for racing with the objective that torque is transmitted rapidly and directly from the engine to the gearbox.

Reducing the weight of the crankshaft drive to lower the moment of inertia will considerably increase vehicle acceleration performance in the lower gears.

SACHS RCS Racing Clutch Types

Faster Acceleration.

If the clutch itself has a moment of inertia (MoI) of 0.061 kgm2, the MoI on the drive wheel will be 180 times higher (in first gear) for a reduction in transmission of 13.4:1 (13.42). If we convert this value into vehicle mass, we arrive around 145 kg of additional weight to be accelerated in first gear.

SACHS RCS Racing Clutches Diagram

As a result of the low moment of inertia of the SACHS RCS clutch, shifting times are considerably reduced and the vehicle accelerates much faster.

Technical data.

  • Engine Torque[Nm]: 1931
  • Pressure Plate Material: Steel
  • Mass, depending on version [Kg]: 3,467 - 3,607
  • Mass of Inertia [kgm2]: 0,0011022 - 0,0011271
  • Release Travel [mm]: 5,0 + 0,5

Scope of delivery - SACHS RCS 4/140 Clutch.

  • 1x RCS high-strength aluminum clutch housing with special heat-resistant aluminum alloy
  • 1x RCS Pressure Plate
  • 3x RCS Intermediate Plate
  • 4x RCS 140mm Clutch Disc, Sinter 2.6mm
    Hub length design: short - short - short - short

Notes on Installation.

Since the SACHS RCS clutch is not designed for a specific vehicle, the vehicle must be setup for the clutch kit (have a look at the PDF Documents above).

The contour of the flywheel, the position, the travel and the form of the releaser as well as the maximum installation space must be checked, if necessary, be adapted.

Information needed for ordering.

With your order, it´s necessary to specify the required spline of the gear input shaft (hub profile). The various splines are listed in the table under 'Hub spline'.

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