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Clutch and shock absorber repair service

Professional repair of your ZF Racing and SACHS Performance clutch and shock absorber.

Repair of a SACHS racing clutch.

Service for clutches

Renewal of the clutch lining (organic, sinter)

Upgrading the clutch disc

Checking the clutch pressure plate

Individual clutch repairs

Order form for clutch service

Service for shock absorbers

Full inspection

Performance measurement

Performance tuning

Individual shock absorber repairs

Order form for suspension service

Repair of a ZF SACHS Motorsport shock absorber.

Please follow the procedure below to ensure a smooth repair process:

  • 01

    Select an order

    Select the most suitable service order form for you.

  • 02

    Fill in the form

    Fill in the service order form electronically or in block letters.

  • 03


    Send the product to us to review along with the service order form.

  • 04

    Cost estimate

    After the repair is approved by you, ZF Race Engineering will begin work.

  • 05


    The upgraded / repaired components will be returned after receipt of payment.


Due to the time and effort required by ZF Race to appraise your service request, we have to charge you € 48 plus VAT even in the event that no repair or service is performed. If, however, there is a repair / service, we will of course subtract this amount from the order value.