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Innovative racing clutch to guarantee an optimal start

The centrifugal clutch from ZF Race Engineering prevents the engine from stalling at the start of the race or after a spin. The risk of cars coming to a standstill during the race and the resulting potential for damage is therefore significantly reduced, and racing safety is further improved.

Anti-stall clutch

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The anti-stall clutch has been developed specifically for race series starting from rest in order to facilitate the engagement process. The manual clutch actuation option has been maintained constructively; however, it is no longer necessary to actuate the clutch pedal at the start of the race. Depending on the application, the clutch pedal, including the release system, can even be completely eliminated to save weight.

Anti-stall clutches are dry-running multi-disc clutches with contact force application dependent on engine speed and an optional disengagement option via a pressed clutch release mechanism. In combination with an adjustable speed limiter which can be activated using the start button, the transmitted torque can be adjusted gradually at the start of the race.

During the slipping period, the torque can be controlled entirely by using the accelerator pedal. With the accelerator pedal held down, the transmitted torque and engine speed are very consistent, allowing the driver to make an optimal start to the race. In addition, the driver benefits from well-reproducible starts, especially in wet conditions. The clutch engagement behaviour can be varied from gentle to aggressive through the combination of centrifugal weights and springs.

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Anti-stall clutch from ZF-Motorsport with contact force application dependent on engine speed.
Anti-stall clutch - More safety when starting the race.
Formula cars with anti-stall clutch on the racetrack

Optimal race start

Especially in conditions with a poor grip, such as on a wet track.

The engine cannot stall

It is not necessary to actuate the clutch at the start of the race

Reduced weight

The clutch pedal, including the release system, can be omitted to reduce the vehicle weight.

Compact dimensions

Low weight and lowest possible moment of inertia

Intelligent design

Friction coefficient fluctuations are detected and compensated automatically.

Maximum load

Up to 1000 Nm transmittable torque, depending on the clutch version.

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The designs

The anti-stall clutch is available with a nominal diameter of 140mm, or 5.5".

The 2-disc sintered clutch is designed for torques up to a maximum of 500 Nm and the 3-disc version for torques up to a maximum of 750 Nm. The new 4-disc version even offers a transmittable torque of 1000 Nm.
The maximum engine speed is limited to 11,000 rpm for all clutch variants.

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