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VW Polo WRC with SACHS clutch and suspension


The World Rally Championship (short WRC) - pure motorsport with challenging stretches all along the track, whether gravel roads or harsh weather conditions. In most cases, a real challenge for the motorsport teams and the spectators.

The Volkswagen Polo R WRC was created by VW Motorsport and is a rally vehicle for use in the World Rally Championship / WRC. The Polo R WRC is equipped with a 4-cylinder turbo engine, has an output of approx. 318 hp and is equipped with a 2-disc SACHS-RCS sintered metal racing clutch and shock absorbers from ZF Motorsport.

Together with its partner VW Motorsport, ZF Race Engineering has looked into how much of the Volkswagen Polo series can still be found in the VW Polo R WRC.

Operating principle of the SACHS Rally / WRC clutch.

Find the SACHS Performance clutch to match your VW Polo WRC here. If you need a racing clutch for individual motorsport use, our RCS Racing Clutch Configurator will help you with this.