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Shock absorber technology from ZF SACHS in rally motorsport.


ZF SACHS Race Engineering's twin-tube rally suspension was celebrated as the first of its kind in the motorsport world. For the first time, there is a suspension with 4-speed adjustment for rally cars which are similar to standard models. ZF SACHS Race Engineering set as wide a goal as possible for the development of the suspension.

When selecting the material for the rally shock absorbers, the priority was to optimise the balance between weight and stability: the individual parts are made of aluminium and high-strength steel with special friction-optimised coatings and gaskets.

The shock absorption capacity is adjustable in both the low and high spring-deflection speed range, and also independently in the compression and rebound stages. The camber is also adjustable on the front axle, where the shock absorbers also act as suspension struts.

Depending on the design, the rally shock absorber weighs between 2.8kg and 6.2kg. SACHS shock absorbers offer optimum performance whether in the freezing cold of Scandinavia or the extreme heat of tropical regions.

From top-class sport to the road

Our customers also profit from the experience gained in motorsport: for this reason, we offer SACHS Performance shock absorbers for many car brands and models.

You can find information about the SACHS Performance coilover suspension kit for your car here.

If you need motorsport shock absorbers for individual motorsport use, simply send us an email and we will be happy to help you.