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Audi coilover suspension from SACHS


The SACHS Performance coilover suspension (CSS) is characterised by comfort, perfect response and flexible adjustment options. The video shows the installation of the coilover suspension in an Audi S5, followed by a road test.

The SACHS Performance Shock Absorbers use high-quality single-tube gas-filled shock absorbers, which work internally with high-performance oil. The maximum level of sportiness is put into effect by a special valve system with the possibility to adjust flexible characteristics.

In order to ensure the necessary stiffness and strength of the shock absorbers, they are designed in upside-down mode. - This results in a precise response and absorption of extreme lateral forces. The seals and coatings are friction-optimised with a durable coating, just like, for example, the SACHS Rally / WRC shock absorbers.

The ZF Race Engineering coilover suspension is available for a wide variety of vehicle models, and the supported range of models is constantly expanding.

Coilover suspension for Audi S5.