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Kolo zamachowe DCT SACHS - VAG OE 03L105266DN

Numer katalogowy: 2295.601.005

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Numery producenta pojazdu
03L 105 266 AJ
03L 105 266 CS
03L 105 266 DA
03L 105 266 DN

03L 105 266 AJ
03L 105 266 DA
03L 105 266 DN

03L 105 266 AJ
03L 105 266 DA
03L 105 266 DN

03L 105 266 AJ
03L 105 266 CS
03L 105 266 DA
03L 105 266 DN

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Koło zamachowe SACHS

Higher torque levels, greater ignition pressures, and stricter emissions controls are causing ever greater rotational irregularities in today's engines, and thus higher levels of vibration in the powertrain. Higher demands on comfort and quiet as well as greater measures to protect the transmission all require extremely efficient torsional vibration dampers.

  • Lower fuel consumption due to lower rpm levels when idling and easy operation in low rpm ranges
  • Lower shifting forces, i.e. greater comfort due to reduced inertia of clutch discs without torsional dampers
  • Good driving comfort thanks to strong vibrational damping for sudden load changes
  • Quieter thanks to optimum decoupling of vibrations throughout the entire rpm range
  • Smooth start/stop performance


The DMF features a multi-stage characteristic curve. The first stage uses soft springs to ensure outstanding engine starting and stopping performance. The second stage has firmer springs to provide superb decoupling of torsional vibrations during normal driving operations.

Schematic overview

Koło zamachowe 2295.601.005 od ZF SACHS.

Testing and Installation.

Quality - Made in Germany.

The clutch systems from ZF SACHS have brought motor sports teams worldwide to the forefront, from mass sports to Formula 1.

The knowledge gained from these race series has been flowing into the development of High Performance products for years.


Koło zamachowe SACHS, -Quality - Made in Germany.

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