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Audi S4/S5 Sprzeglo Wzmocnione SACHS, XTend. - 3000950918-S

Numer katalogowy: 3000.950.918-S

Specjalny model
Przenoszony Moment obrotowy około 15% wyższy od oryginalnego.

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żrednica [mm]: 240 - Ilosć zębów: 28 - Profil piasty: 27,90x30,46-28N
Przenoszony Moment obrotowy około 15% wyższy od oryginalnego.
Zawiera obudowę sprzęgła SACHS i tarcza sprzęgła ze specjalnych organicznych materiałów ciernych wykonana na zamówienie wraz z łożyskiem oporowym.

Numery producenta pojazdu
0B4 141 031
0B4 141 117 A
0B4 198 165


More reserves for higher demands.

  • Approx. 15% higher transmittable torque compared to OE
  • Higher thermal resistance
  • Higher burst number of revolutions
  • Longer life span
  • Start performance similar to OE
  • 1:1 replacement of the old clutch
  • Complete clutch kit including CSC
SACHS Performance Clutch Installation

Technical Details.

Based on a new replacement clutch, your clutch kit will be custom modified by hand. - Made in Germany. The clutch disc will get a new high performance organic friction material with a reinforced layered clutch facing construction (Dry coating technology, non-asbestos and lead-free, elastomer / resin binder system, fiber glass reinforced, includes copper, filling materials and coefficient of friction modifiers).

Together with a special manufacturing process, this results in the desired characteristics of the clutch facing material.

Higher Power Transmission

The fundamental advantage of this modified clutch kit compared to the ordinary replacement clutch results in a higher life span, higher transmittable torque and in a better thermal resistance. Perfect for tuned engines such as chiptuning as also for towing trailers, Offroad and so on.


Everyday Suitability

Very good starting comfort and burst resistance ensure a high suitability for daily use.

The advantages at one view


Coefficient of friction:

Comfort / Judder:

Burst speed:



XTend Clutch Cover.

The XTend clutch cover with automatic wear compensation decouples facing wear from the movement of the diaphragm spring. The compensation mechanism constantly registers the reduction in facing thickness, and securely offsets this distance by rotating an adjustment ring. This keeps the force ratios constant, and extends the service life because the facings can accomodate additional wear.

Typically applications include:

  • Chip-Tuning, Turbocharger and supercharger modifications
  • Vehicles with maximum gross vehicle weight and according to high load
    (towing service, campers, ambulance cars, etc.)
  • Towing trailers
  • Commercial vehicle


Because this kit is based on the original clutch, you can easily replace it 1:1 against your old clutch and it will fit to your existing flywheel without any modifications. Also, there´s no need to send us your old clutch parts back.


This clutch kit resp. the part no. is not provided by ZF Sachs itself and can only be ordered here. If you any questions, don´t hesitate to send us an email or call our customer service at +49(0)40 3999 2118.